How To Defend a Moose Attack

A lot of Canadians will tell you that they'd rather be face to face in the wild with a Grizzly instead of a moose.  A moose is basically a giant horse with a bad temper that has sharp baseball bats growing out of his head.  

What happens if a moose sizes you up though?  Is there anything you can do when a moose starts to rush you?

How to defend a moose attack

Make a lot of noise - use a whistle if you have one

Make yourself look big

Be aggressive

Use a stick to make yourself look even bigger, and to jab at the moose's nose

Here are some failed moose encounters as well, and we'll show you what they did wrong.

In this video, the man moves very passively.  He does make himself look big, but he moves out of the way and starts to walk slower when the moose picks up his pace.  He also doesn't have a stick.

In this video the man is on a snowmobile and could have used the sound of the engine to make a lot of noise. He should have also kept going at the moose while yelling. Instead he stops and the moose attacks him, resulting in him needing to use his pistol.

Items to consider carrying in moose country.

  1. Survival whistle
  2. Bear spray
  3. Walking stick
  4. Pistol


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