Fishing and Thinking Outside of the Box

Whether you're lost and without food, or the old rod and reel fishing just isn't doing it for you anymore, here are some clever fishing tips that have been around for many years to try on your next back country excursion. 

Fishing and Thinking Outside of the Box

When it comes to making it in the backcountry, fishing can be an achievable option for getting the nutrients you need. With a few skills and a little patience, fish just may be whats for dinner! Only requiring a few small items or things you can find, fishing for survival is easier than trying to hunt, trap and kill small animals without a firearm. A lure, a few hooks and a several yards of fishing line will easily fit in a mint tin, medicine bottle or other very small container, taking up very little room in your pack. Always have an emergency fishing kit with you when you venture out in the wilderness or during travel—just in case.


In a survival situation passive trapping is an energy effecient way to secure resources while being able to focus on alternative survival needs such as shelter, fire, water, and signaling. 

If you have access to a water source whether it is in a lake or on a river, building a funnel trap like the one pictured below will increase your chances for trapping many different types of fish.

Or perhaps a basket funnel trap is more your style, in which you can find in depth instructions for the one below by Creek.

Hook Fishing

The earliest known use of fishing hooks dates back to Palestine more than 9,000 years ago. Over the centuries, fishing hooks have been made from wood, animal and human bone, horn, shells, stone, bronze, and iron. In fact, Forbes magazine named the "fishing hook" as one the top twenty tools in the history of man. So remember in a survival situation, even if you do not have a manufactured hook, you can still get by like our ancestors did.

If you happen to have a hook and paracord in your survival pack, you can make your own paracord fishing lure following the tutorial from Instructables, or you can buy some like the picture featured below, here.

Ways to hook fish vary greatly, but two passive fishing techniques that allow you to focus on other survival needs include snare fishing or using a jug line or limb line. 

So go explore, try some of these old and new school methods, think outside of the box, use the resources around you and have confidence catching fish. And if you don't have Survival Fishing Kit that you can take with you, get one now.  It's got everything you need to catch your fish if you're in a situation where you don't have a fishing rod.

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