4 Reasons NOT to Bug Out When SHTF

Most preppers have a good bug out plan, but haven't gone through the steps of what could happen in a full blown evacuation.  In situations like this, you'll want to be able to sustain yourself and your family for as long as possible, without following the sheep.  Here's why.

4 Reasons not to Bug Out after SHTF.

Street gangs will start taxing people trying to leave the city.

The refugee hoard will consume all of the resources as they move through the land.  Staying in this group will leave you starving.

Police and military will confiscate essential items and resources for the "greater good."

The spread of disease and infection will spread through government run refugee camps.

Get the survival gear you need - Learn to can, garden, hunt, and trap now so that when sh#t does hit the fan, you'll be ready to hunker down and bug in.

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