What Can You Do With Paracord?

Paracord or Parachute Cord has dozens of uses.  It's one of the reasons we try to incorporate it into a lot of our products.

In survival situations paracord can be a lifesaver.

Backdoor Survival came up with 44 uses of paracord.

Survival Life found 80 uses for paracord.

And finally, Dan's Depot came up with 101 uses for paracord.

Here are some of our favorite uses for paracord.

1. Secure a Tent or create a shelter

2. Make a tourniquet if you don't have a first aid kit

3. Use paracord to make a bow and arrow

4. Floss your teeth when the going gets tough

5. Tie up gear or tie equipment to your pack

6. Create a DIY backpack

7. Create an axe or blunt force tool

8. Create a stretcher to move injured patients

9. Use as a tripwire for the perimeter of your camp

10. Create a vehicle tie down to secure goods during transport


Paracord has hundreds of uses, watch the video below to see all 101 uses.  Grab your paracord gear!

What do you use it for?

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  • Robert Richardson Jr on

    You forgot the most important uses, fishing lines, fishing lures, hammocks, Ranger Pace Counters, Slingshots, handcuffs, handle wraps, spring traps, amongst many others, but I get the idea of how versatile and universal paracord can be.

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