How To Treat Gun Shot and Knife Wounds

Gun shot and knife wounds are harder to treat than normal skin gashes. And if you're out in the wild, or medical services can't get to you, you're going to need to know how to handle these situations.

In the case of gun shot wounds, you won't know always be able to tell where the bullet went. There are different tactics to use depending on where someone has been shot or stabbed.

A head wound requires direct pressure, while a chest wound might cause a lung to collapse. In case of a chest wound, put a gloved hand over the hole which will create a suction. A basic Fist Aid Kit has almost everything you need outside of the tourniquet to treat knife and gun shot wounds.

The three main take aways here are as follows.

Apply Pressure - Add enough pressure so that you can manage the blood flow.

Stop Bleeding - If pressure isn't enough, you will need a tourniquet. 

Clean Wound - Once you've handled the bleeding, clean the area and disinfect.

Dress Wound - Add a dressing to the wound that maintains pressure and keeps contaminants away from wound.

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