How to Deter Wolves from your Pets and Livestock

If you live in wolf country, your pets and livestock are on the menu. Sure you could sit on your porch with a rifle and pick them off as they come for your critters, but it isn't possible to keep watch 24/7. 

The following CCTV footage was captured when a wolf strolled right into a yard and took the family pet as a snack.

Warning, this video is graphic.

Even if you have a big dog, wolves are efficient killing machines, and it isn't smart to take that chance. These aren't just big huskies. They are apex predators who kill prey 3 times their size using their faces.

Here's how you can prep your perimeter against wolves and other wild animals.

Fladry - This method uses a line of rope mounted along the top of a fence, from which hang strips of fabric or colored flags that will flap in a breeze, intended to deter wolves from crossing the fence-line. This may not last forever. (Cheapest option)

Electric Fence - A basic electric fence with a 12 volt battery can wrap the perimeter of your property, and deliver a hard but non-lethal jolt. (More expensive than Fladry)

Motion Detecting Camera and Sound Alarms - You can set up a motion detecting camera on your property that will trigger a sound alarm when the wolves get close.  This can be to the sound of gun shots, or a simple bell alarm.  You can also use trigger motion lighting in conjunction with the sounds. This is the most expensive option depending on how much ground you have to cover.

 It's never too late to predator proof your homestead.

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  • AppyHorsey on

    Keeping a dog on a chain should be illegal. Too bad the STUPID OWNERS aren’t chained out in wolf or bear country and ripped apart and eaten alive. Even that would be too good for them. I get SO MAD when People are too stupid to keep their pets SAFE. Pets are like little kids. If you are too lazy and/or too stupid to keep them safe, then you have no business having either!

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