How To Make a Survival Shelter

When you don't have a tent and you need to bed down for the night, finding shelter can be tricky. The following video shows you exactly how to make a survival shelter from pine tree branches.  This shelter can be made with or without the tarp.  

If you're looking for something that is more long term, then you can fill those holes with leaves and mud to make the outside of your hut air tight.

Step 1 - Use your hatchet or survival knife to cut pine branches. You will need enough for your bedding and the exterior of your shelter.

Step 2 - Make sure you have a thick layer for your bedding. A thicker bedding offers more comfort and insulation, so it will keep you warmer.

Step 3 - Cut a few Y shaped branches to hold the top of your shelter in place.  Space out several branches that lean against your shelter.  The close these are together, the more weight they will be able to hold.

Step 4 - Use your knife to cut some tent stakes to secure your tarp.

Step 5 - Cover any holes where you can see daylight.

Step 6 - Put another layer of pine branches on top and around the outside.

Step 7 - Check the durability of your shelter, and take a nap. You worked hard.

How To Make a Survival Shelter

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