8 Tips To Fortify Your Home

Today's survival tips come from Healthy Prepper who has been documenting the fortification process of her home. As she states, home fortification is an on-going process.  You always have to adapt to changes, technology, and your environment. 

A fortified home today, might be easily penetrated 20 years from now.

That being said, here 8 excellent steps she has taken in fortification.

Signs - Let people know you're armed or have dogs.  This can deter a thief with half a brain.Door Jams - This is a very basic door jam but it can add valuable seconds or even minutes of prep time. When the door finally does open, you'll be ready.


Alarm System - There are many alarm systems to choose from. They vary from sophistication, to options, to size of home.

Security Fence - This adds one more layer of protection between your front door and whoever is trying to get inside.

Hurricane shutters - These are great if you live in storm country. They seal nicely, making a stealth home invasion nearly impossible.

Line of Sight Alarm - This is a tripwire style alarm.  Meaning if someone or something breaks the line of site between the two boxes, and the laser is tripped, it will let you know.

Landscaping - A rose bush the grows up the side of a wall has similar characteristics of a barb wire fence.

Weaponry - Know your weapons, and know how to use your weapons. Hopefully guns and hand to hand combat will be the last line of defense that you go for. Take your weapons to the range and understand how quickly you can load and reload.

8 Tips To Fortify Your Home

Learn more about hand to hand combat in a home invasion.

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