Odd Trick To Catch Fish When You Don't Have a Fishing Rod

When you don't have a fishing rod, catching fish can be a challenging task. If this man had invested in a Survival Grenade or EDC keychain, he could have cut his fishing time in half, but this method is great to know if you're ever SOL and need to catch fish without any tools.

Remember, this will take a lot more patience than sitting on a lawn chair, drinking a beer while watching your floaters on the lake.

How to catch fish without a fishing pole

Use Rocks To Build a Small Dam 

Create a Shady Area With Tree Branches To Make The Fish Feel Safe

Scare Fish Into The Dam So They Take Cover

Use Hands To Scoop Up Fish

When you use what you have to your advantage, you can make a daunting task like catching fish with your bare hands achievable.

Build your own fishing rod with a paracord kit.

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