90 Pound Asian Girl Attacked By Elevator Thug

90 pound Asian girl attacked in elevator by a thug twice her size...It doesn't end how you think it would.

Elevators are  a terrifying place to be mugged.  

  • Your cries for help can't be heard
  • You're stuck in a small room with your attacker with no escape
  • The emergency stop can be pushed making the wait for safety even longer

In this video, a typical thuggish thief grabs for the victims valuables, trying to rip away her bag. 

This is exactly how you should react

She didn't even consider putting her back against the wall for defense. She went into a full offensive.

She did not let up, even after she had him on the ground.

Optional - She chased him down, allowing witnesses to jump in and await the police

Without the assistance of a self defense key chain or a can of mace, she thwarted her attacker and then some.  

If you're even in a similar situation, never freeze up.

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