How Much Water is Needed for Survival

Water is the second most important element to our survival. It comes behind only Oxygen. Having the right amount of water for survival is critical as water sustains us, allows us to absorb nutrients, and keeps our body temperatures regulated.

How Much Water is Needed for Survival

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In this article we will explore how much water your body needs, how much it needs in a survival situation and how to consume water during a survival situation. Much of what will be discussed is derived from inferences and deductions. We do not recommend that you test these theories that will be laid out. This article is meant to be a theory to file away in the event that you are ever faced with an extreme survival situation.

The Bodies Minimum Daily Requirements

Determining the minimum water requirement for humans to avoid dehydration is based on several factors such as weight, age, gender, and more. But the most basic way to measure the need for water is based on how much water goes out of our bodies. We need to replace or exceed the amount of water that we lose. This number can be manipulated by using a trigger to initiate survival mode, discussed later.

The average person loses about 600ml per day in urine, 400ml through their skin, and about 200ml through breathing. This total of, 1200ml, gives us a baseline for the water we will lose. However, this number can be increased due to factors such as working in the heat, participating in sports, exercising.

Thus in a survival situation, any factors that require exertion would likewise tax the water stores inside our body. With the possibility of urine output dropping to 500 ml, the minimum could be just over 1 liter a day or for the sake of making it easy to understand, this would be just over 32 ounces a day for a 154 lb man (70 kg).

Survival Hydration Water Requirements

Baseline Minimum Daily Water Need: 32 Ounces

The 32 ounce number from the above book is based on a 154 lb (70 KG) man. As this amount does not allow for any activity that would increase water loss, the amount is thus considered unrealistic.

This is at a ratio of 5:1 or 20% body weight in ounces of water. Note this is far less than the recommended intake of 10% of our body weight in ounces 5 times a day which Dr. Batmanghelidj recommended as a daily minimum. It is the equivalent of only 40% of our ideal water intake.

The energy that you expend in a survival situation will likely mean that you need to double your intake of water if possible.

Staying Hydrated: Sip or Drink it All?

Do not nurse the water through the day. Divide the daily ration into 4 or 6. Then drink the entire 4 hour or 6 hour dose of your daily ration. The reason, the way our body uses and stores water quite efficiently.

Ideally the amount needs to be large enough to trigger the body processes but small enough that the body does not think the drought is over. This is why water bottles are essential for survival.

Yes, our body stores water. This ability is especially critical in survival hydration.

It is better to store the 3 or 6 hour portion of the day's ration of water inside our bodies rather than carry it with us.

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