10 Survival Uses For Aluminum Foil

Aluminum Foil: An Indispensable Survival Tool

Any well-stocked kitchen has a roll or two of aluminum foil readily at hand. So, too, should any emergency survival kit. In the wilderness, if you’ll pardon the pun, this wonder of modern science really shines. Here are just a few of the seemingly endless uses of this simple, everyday material.

Water Purification Pot


No one will survive for long in the wild without the ability to boil water. It takes practice to learn how to fashion flat sheets of foil into three-dimensional pots, but it’s a top shelf survival skill well worth learning. A rectangular sheet can readily be formed into a square vessel (many of us learned the procedure in shop class with sheet metal) or, with a little more crimping, a round pot as shown here. Be meticulous in your folding to ensure you are not leaving seams or holes for water to escape.

Signal Flags


Simple strips of foil flapping in a breeze will be visible from air or land at a great distance. Affix them to tree branches to signal for assistance or simply mark your favorite trail to water.

Fishing Lures


Even if your survival gear includes fishing line and hooks (as it should), you might find yourself in a place where bait is not easy to find. Foil can be wrapped around a hook in a variety of ways to create jigs or minnow-like lures. You won’t fool a mature predator fish, but you’ll be amazed how enthusiastically perch and sunfish chase after anything that sparkles.

Pouches and Containers


Foil pouches take only seconds to make and offer an ideal way to roast fish, edible plants, or any other food you gather. After savoring your delicious meal, simply let the foil cool and dry, then flatten it for reuse the next time you cook. Using the same simple approach, plus a little of the fold-and-crimp method used to make water pots, you can fashion sturdy containers for supplies.

Solar Oven


If you have a cardboard box at your disposal, aluminum foil is your ticket to warm, nourishing meals without even building a fire. By lining the box with foil and pointing it toward the sun, you can create a solar-powered oven that heats to over 180 degrees, more than enough to slow cook food to safe perfection. If you don’t have the materials to make the oven, you can still use a couple vertical sheets of foil, supported by twigs, to reflect heat from your cooking fire. The reduction in cooking time will save precious fuel.


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