Old Man Steve Reviews The Water Purifier Bottle

Old Man Steve gave our Water Purifier Bottle a review over on YouTube.

If you haven't seen this on our store yet, it's a pretty awesome little gadget.  The filter itself is the same advanced activated carbon technology that we use in all of our filter straws, but we've added it to a BPA free bottle so you no longer have to stick your face down into the dirty pond to get yourself a drink.

Just fill the bottle with water and let the filter to the rest.

Survival Hax readers can get $5 off the Water Purifier Bottle when they use code BUGOUTBOTTLE during check out.

I don't know when we will be able to get these back in stock after we run out, and we've only got a few left so upgrade your bug out bag today.

You can also get one of these water bottle filters on Amazon.

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