15 Clever Camping Products

Camping is a lot of fun for families and friends.  There have been several products developed to help campers spend more time enjoying the outdoors than setting up a campsite.  These products are awesome for people looking to get back into camping or perhaps looking for stuff to help make camping more enjoyable.

Fire Starter Shoelaces

You'll never be without fire with these shoelaces.  Hikers will love them for as long as you have your hiking shoes or boots you can start a fire.

Cooler And Air Conditioner In One

Camping in the Spring or Summer can become unbearably hot, even at night.  Cool off your tent with this cleaver cooler.

Lantern That Repels Mosquitos

Keeping this lantern close will help protect you from becoming a mosquitos next meal without having to use a bug repellant spray.

Tent Stakes That Glow In The Dark

Somebody was thinking when they thought of these Glow In The Dark Tent Stakes.  Not only will they help you and others from tripping over your tent lines at night, they help by bringing some light to your campsite.

Collapsable Cooking Pot

This Collapsable Cooking Pot saves space and weight which is a vital concern for hikers and campers.

Solar-Powered Lantern That Collapses

Another clever device that is perfect for hikers and campers.  This Solar-Powered Lantern  Collapses so it can be easily carried on the outside of a back pack to charge while hiking and light up you tent at night.

Two Second Set Up Tent

This a clever design for a tent that is a hikers dream.  After hiking all day the last thing you want to do is spend an hour or so setting up a tent.  This Tent sets up in two seconds.  


This Powertrekk Charger works with water.  After you insert a fuel pack, add water and the fuel pack will start charging device that use a USB cable.

Solar Camping Shower

Enjoy an eight minute warm water shower with a Solar Charged Camp Shower.  It may become your most favorite thing to camp with.


The Eat'N Tool is perfect for a quick fix on the trail or eating a meal. 


The QLIPTER is a brilliant tool for hikers and campers.  Just find a sturdy branch and hang most anything off the ground.

Rechargeable LED Headlamp

A Rechargeable LED Headlamp can be very useful camping at night.  It's very bright and saves you from needing to restock on batteries for you camping trip.

 Eton Scorpion

This is a great multi tool.  The Eton Scorpion can charge through solar or by turning the crank.  It also has a radio, flashlight, and a bottle opener.

GearLine Organization System

 This GearLine Organization System should absolutely be on your camping checklist.  


“Earl” is a solar-powered GPS with SMART technology that gives you real-time map data, weather, and an emergency radio.


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    Collapsible roadeavour water bottle would also be a good thing to pair with the cooking pot.

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