10 Camping Mistakes To Avoid

Camping takes lots of preparation, planning and some skill.  Mistakes are going to happen as even the most experience at camper will tell you because Mother Nature rarely cooperates with even the best of plans.  Here are some great tips from mistakes others have so you can plan your camping trip.  

Last Minute Planning

There are several things to take into consideration when planning a camping trip.  Weather, location, campsite, food, gear, etc.  Make your camping plans accordingly.  

Food Preparation 

When making a Camping Meal Checklist try not to over prepare.  You don't want to have a lot of extra food to take home.  However, you should have something prepared in the freezer for when you do get home.  

Check Your Tents

Be prepared by checking your tents before you leave.  Make sure there are no holes, damage or missing parts that may prevent you from properly assembling your tent once your at your campsite.  

Cooking Over A Campfire

There are some great campfire cooking recipes to choose from.  Before you start cooking make sure you have the proper utensils and hot pads on hand.  Safety is the number one priority always.

Bring A Tarp

Having a tarp on hand may save you from having to deal with a large headache.  Even if the weather man says there is no chance of rain it's smart to be prepared.  A tarp can give you a dry place to store and pack your gear, protect your tent from the elements, and give you a dry place to cook a meal.  

First Aid Kit

A First Aid Kit may seem like a no brainer but is still amazing how people either forget theirs, don't feel they will need one, or forget to replenish theirs after their last camping trip.  Whether you purchase one or build one yourself a First Aid Kit should be at the top of your checklist.

Get There During The Day

With all your planning don't forget to leave at a reasonable hour.  Getting to your campsite at night is a frustrating proposition as there will be no way to get everything setup which will take away from all the activities the next day.  Also if you are staying at a crowded campsite the rest of the campers are not going to appreciate you rolling in late at night disturbing the peace.

Where To Pitch Your Tent

When choosing a place to Pitch Your Tent make sure you find some flat ground.  Flat ground will make the assembly of your tent a little easier and help ensure you get a good nights rest.  Also do not pitch your tent in a depression of any sort.  If it rains you will quickly discover how well your gear floats.

Insulate From The Bottom

Trust me sleeping on the ground is no picnic.  You are going to want some kind of insulation between you and the cold ground.  If you are new to camping you may be thinking a sleeping bag would be enough but it's not.


Don't underestimate the need for lighting when camping.  A headlamp is a great camping investment.  Not only are they bright but they free up your hands while lighting up wherever your walking.  

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