15 Survival Skills You Need To Know

"Survival of the fittest." is an old phrase used to describe those people who are strongest and likely able to survive any situation.  Today it's more accurate to say "Survival of the best prepared."  Taking the time to learn the necessary skills to survive and prepare will pay off more than you could ever know in a survival situation.  Here are some great survival skills to learn.

Build A Survival Shelter

Shelter is a basic needed of every human being.  Learning how to build a Survival Shelter will save your life. You can have the best survival gear in the world, but without the skills to out a roof over your head to protect you from the elements you're SOL.

Starting A Fire

Fire is another essential part of survival.  There are several ways to get a fire started easy if you prepare with matches, lighters, or a flint or magnesium fire starter.  Those things will not last forever so learning to start a fire without them is a necessary skill to have.

Finding Drinking Water

Finding water can be challenging in certain survival situations.  Where you are located will bring different challenges to finding water you can drink.  Catching rain water is a good way to get water but finding a source like a stream or river is ideal of course but that doesn't mean the water will be safe to drink.  Boiling the water will make it safe to drink if you have the means.  If not make sure you have a Survival Water Filter.

Cooking Outdoors

Learning to cook meals outdoors is an important survival skill to have.  In a survival situation you'll have to prepare meals from what little you have, find, trap, or catch.  Learning to cook will help you stretch out your supplies and your ability to survive.


Fish are a great source for protein.  You can catch fish without casting a fishing line by building a trap that the fish will naturally swim into.  If you have fishing line and poles you can catch small bait fish by building a small trap with a water or soda bottle.  

Shooting Firearms

 Learn how to shoot! Self Defense saves lives and it will save yours too in a life or death situation.  In the hands of a trained, responsible person a firearm is an invaluable tool.  You will never be more thankful to have a firearm than the moment you defend your life with one.

Firearm Maintenance: Prepping Your Firearms

Firearm maintenance will ensure your firearm will work properly when you need it.  An poorly maintained firearm can severely injure the shooter and others around them.  

First Aid/CPR

First Aid and CPR Saves Lives!  The American Red Cross has classes to get you certified in First Aid, CPR, and how to use an AED (Automatic Electronic Defibrillator).

Survival Pack

This is just one awesome example of a Bug-Out Bag, there are more than several.  What's important is what you put in yours.  Make a check list of things you think you will need and compare it to other lists from pros and amateur survivalists.  This way you can narrow it down to what you will actually need.  As you learn more survival skills you may find yourself changing the contents of your Bug-Out Bag several times.

Basic Botany (Plants)

Getting to know the plants in your area is another important survival skill.  Knowing which plants are edible and which plants are poisonous will help sustain you when your low on food supplies.  Knowing your plants will also help keep you from needing First Aid a lot.

Basic Blacksmithing

Learning to do some Basic Blacksmithing may not seem like a survival skill to most people but it sure comes in handy in situations where there isn't anyone to help you out.  You can learn to make things like knives, tools, latches, gates, and other security devices to help keep you safe.  Not too mention the fabrication of things you can use to fix things that have broken.

Hunting & Tanning Hides

Hunting is a skill that has been past down for generations.  Today it is done for sport more than survival.  However in a survival situation, hunting is a very important skill.  To be a successful hunter takes practice, lots of practice and even the most skilled hunters can go days without harvesting an animal for food.  So learn the skills to hunt and tan the hides of the animals you harvest for they have been vital to the survival of mankind since the beginning of time.


You may be asking what reading has to do with survival?  Well don't underestimate the power of knowledge.  You will never know everything, there is always something new to learn and having a stack of books around that can teach you specific things, answer questions and keep your mind busy when there is no technology available will be one of your most valuable assets.

 How to Build a Small Game Survival Snare

Some areas do not have big game just small animals that move very quickly.  Some are so quick that it's hard to even catch sight of them.  Especially when they only come out at night.  Figuring out where they like to run and where their trails are will give you the perfect place to set up a small snare to catch one. 

How to Use a Compass

Learning to use a compass is an essential outdoor skill.  Not only will it help you keep from getting lost, it may help you find some one who is.  It is vital to have your bearing's whenever you are outdoors so you can always get back to camp or safety.  



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