What's the Best Personal Water Filter?

Picture this: It's a regular hot summer day and you're sitting in the air conditioning when *zapppp* Lights out.  This exact same happened to Adam and his wife last summer.

"Since we get all of our water from the refrigerator water filter we were SOL.

We headed to the store to see something we haven't seen before, ever.  A line just to get into the market.  Inside the store it was already getting muggy - The lights inside were dim, since they were running on back up power.  

When we finally reached the water aisle we were shocked to see that every single of bottle of water was gone (even the weird sparkling kind).

It's really a frightening feeling when you're at the mercy of others.  Had this blackout lasted more than a day, we would have really been up the creek.

Since that day I vowed to never be unprepared again.  If we have to my wife and I can drink directly from lakes, streams, hell even mud puddles with this filter.

Don't be the lemmings we were."


    I have three questions for you.

    • How do you filter your water when you're away from home?
    • Do you have a backup plan if your water supply becomes contaminated?
    • What do you consider the most important thing for survival?

    Here at Survival Hax, we often get asked "What's the best water filter for prepping?" Great question.  When you're looking for a portable water filter, you want to make sure it has 3 main features.

    • The ability to filter water at a low micron count.  Think of microns as a unit of measure.  The higher the micron count, the more contaminants will be able to slip through.
    • The amount of water you can filter from one straw.  All filters have an expiration date.  The higher quality ones will last longer.  In a SHTF situation, when you don't know when you'll have fresh water again, it's good to go for the purifiers with longer lifespans.
    • Lightweight and durability. The best thing to do when filtering water is to put it through a water treatment center.  Unfortunately, these things are gigantic building sized machines that you can't take with you.  You'll need something lightweight that won't slow you down but can still get the job done


    Limited Supply

    So what about the specs? The Survival Water Filter...

    • Filters contaminants at .1 microns or larger. (Double the efficiency of competitors)
    • Purifies 1500 liters of contaminated water in one straw. (30% more than competitors)
    • Removes 99.9999 waterborne bacteria.
    • Removes 99.9 waterborne protozoan parasites.
    • Paracord travel strap which includes fire starter and whistle.

      Now equipped with a tourniquet, mirror, compass, and mirror.

      Put one in your survival bag today.

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