15 Cold Weather Camping Hacks

Going camping in cold weather is not for everyone.  Only people who know what they are doing should attempt it.  However if you find yourself in a situation where you have no choice or just want to give it a go here are some great cold weather camping hacks to help you do it.

Eat For Warmth And Energy

Eating foods like pasta and butter well help the body store fat which can be converted to sugar when needed to keep energy levels high.

Pack The Snow

Packing the snow underneath where you're pitching your tent well help prevent you form puncturing a hole in the floor because of soft snow.  

Tent Condensation

Sleeping and breathing in a warm tent out in the cold weather is going to produce some condensation.  Make sure you ventilate your tent and dry your sleeping bag to help keep you and your stuff dry in the tent.

Wear Your Clothes To Bed

Cold weather sleeping bags are made to hold in body heat.  In extreme cold situations that usually isn't enough to stay warm.  Wear your cold weather clothes to bed for extra warmth.


Before you go cold weather camping make preparations for starting a fire.  Make sure you have the necessary things you need to get one started like dryer lint in a pill bottle or old film bottle to keep it dry.  Matches, lighters or magnesium fire starters are all good sources for getting a fire started.  

Hand Warmers

You can use hand warmers inside your sleeping bag for extra warmth at night.

Flashlight Batteries

If your flashlight batteries stop working in the cold, warm them up before trying to use them again. 

Use Your Backpack As A Foot Cover

Give your feet some extra warmth with this great cold weather camping hack.


Snow blindness is a temporary loss of vision condition caused by the suns reflection off of the snow.  A good pair of sunglasses or goggles will help keep you from having to deal with it.

Winter Boots

One of the best and most important cold weather camping hacks is buying a great pair of snow boots.  Your hands and feet are them most vulnerable to the the cold so protect them as best you can.

First Aid Kit

A First Aid Kit is an essential part of any camping trip.  

Wooden Utensils

Use Wooden Utensils to prepare food because metal utensils stay frozen and will reduce the temperature of the food your preparing.

Fleece-Lined Water Proof Socks & Balaclava

It's important to protect your skin in cold weather.  Fleece-Lined Water Proof Socks will help keep your feet warm and dry while a Balaclava will protect lips, nose, and cheeks from the cold.  

The Extreme Cold & Perspiration

It's just as important to stay dry in extreme cold as it is to stay warm.  When hiking, walking, or doing anything strenuous you're going to sweat. Sweating in extreme cold weather will chill you to the bone.  Once your body is that cold is almost impossible to warm it back up. To prevent this, take off some layers of clothing to stay dry.  


Hypothermia is deadly and going camping in extremely cold weather without knowing the symptoms of hypothermia is even more dangerous.  Learn to prevent and recognize the symptoms of hypothermia for everyone's safety.  



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