12 Ways To Make A Survival Kit

Survival Kits can be made from several different things and for many different reasons.  Deciding on what is needed to complete a Survival Kit vary for even more reasons and situations.  These are some great ideas to get you started on your own Survival Kit project.

Pill Bottle Survival Kit

For dire emergencies this Pill Bottle Survival Kit can make a huge difference.

Pet Survival Kit

Don't forget to keep your pets safe and healthy with a Pet Survival Kit.

72 Hour Family Survival Kits

Prepare a 72 Hour Survival Kit for each family member.  This is a great example of being prepared.

Altoids Tin Survival Kit

An Altoids Tin makes a great Small Survival Kit Storage Container.

5 Gallon Bucket Emergency Kit

5 Gallon Buckets are great long term storage containers for Survival Kits.

Tackle Box Survival Kit

A Tackle Box is great for making a Medical Survival Kit.

Survival Paracord Bracelet Kit

This Paracord Survival Bracelet has quite a lot of gear in a small package.

Water Bottle Survival Kit

A Water Bottle makes a great Survival Kit Container.  It can be stored just about anywhere, is inconspicuous, and grabbed in a hurry. 

 Cold Weather Survival Kit

Everyone who lives and drives in extremely cold environments should have a Cold Weather Survival Kit.

Lightweight Emergency Kit

This Basic Light Weight Survival Kit could make all the difference in a cold weather emergency situation.

Survival Kits for Rural or Urban Environments

Being prepared also means being versatile.  Having Survival Kits for both Rural and Urban Environments is a good way to cover your bases.

Hurricane and Natural Disaster Emergency Kit

Be prepared for the next natural disaster with an Emergency Kit like this one.


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