DIY Survival Candy

In a survival situation, you might need something to keep your mouth from getting dry or better yet, your blood sugar up a bit. This candy is super easy to make and packs well in your bug out bag. 

Image via Instructables

If you are off the grid, you can make this too for a special treat. However, we would say use food grade essential oils instead of flavorings. Here's the reason why: most artificial flavors are made with water and it can cause popping when you add in the flavoring (no one wants magma hot candy on their skin). Also the essential oils insure that your not putting chemicals into your body. 

Just remember when using essential oils, you need to use a lot less than when you use liquid flavorings.

Here's the link to the the hax and we hope you give it a try. It's great for a sore throat too!

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