Check Out Top Ten Skills for Preppers

Here's a great video that shows off  the Top Ten skills for preppers along with in-depth analysis and explanations from The Dynamic Prepper. They have tons of information on their site but this video gives you some really good basics that you can start taking care of right now. 

Here are some of the other things they discuss in their video series: 

1. Organization
2. Frugality
3. Risk Assessment
4. First Aid
5. Cooking
6. Gardening
7. Food Preservation & Storage
8. Basic Construction & Home Maintenance
9. Communications
10. Interpersonal Skills


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  • richard eledge on

    you are to close to airport,you would be safer in lakeside,i was raised on green field dr, east of 80, so i know,that is why buck knives,moved, the first missale will hit airport,20 mile kill zone

  • Willard Searles on

    You’ll need soap

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