Top 10 Bug Out Bag Mistakes

When making a bug out bag, people often try to pack everything but the kitchen sink, and then they forget the little things that actually make a difference. 

Eno's Armory came out with a great list of mistakes people make when packing their bug out bags.

1) Buying the Bag First - Plan your kit then buy the bag that fits you and your kit kit best

2) Too Tactical - You goal should be to avoid conflict, pack defensively... not offensively.

3) Too Bushcraft - Don't put all your eggs in this basket... your bag should supply all your needs for 72 hours

4) No Strategy - Planning is your #1 tool, plan you Bug Out then choose your gear to get you there

5) Not In Shape - Get in shape, if you fat and out of shape then you are your great liability.

6) Lone Wolf - Don't assume you will be by yourself (especially if you have a family). Plan Accordingly

7) No Info Packet - You should have at least he contact info for all your important contacts and institutions.

8) No Money - You should have at least $400-$500 in your BOB... gold and silver is a plus... perpaid Credit Cards are a plus... Cash is important!

9) No means to repair your Bag - carry a dedicated kit to repair your bag

10) No 1st Aid for you stomach - Be prepared to deal with diarrhea, vomiting and constipation. If a Bug out or survival situation you will


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    Another helpful article. :)

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