10 Things To Hoard When The SHTF

When the SHTF it's a good idea to have some things hoarded.  There are a lot of essential items that we take for granted in our everyday lives that we will not be able to get our hands on so easily when the SHTF. Mostly because they will be the first to leave the shelves from pillaging in a survival situation.

The following items are usually first to leave the shelves when anything big happens (power outage, storm warning, wildfires.)

Toilet Paper

Toilet Paper will be one of the first things to disappear. It's luxury on your bum compared to leaves and makes good tinder.


The ability to start a fire is a basic survival skill that escapes most people.  Lighters and fire starter steels will get snatched up fast.

Tooth Brushes  

A Tooth Brush is one of those things you just don't think about until you don't have one for a while.  Stock up on them so you can barter with those who are doing without.


Batteries are going to be like gold.  They will be one of the most valuable commodities to barter with. Consider investing in a solar charger and rechargeable batteries.

Bike Repair Tools/Inner Tubes

Eventually gasoline will run out.  People will be riding bikes everywhere so having a large supply of Bicycle Repair Parts may be the smartest things to have around. People will trade their valuables to keep their bike running.

Bandages and First Aid Kits

There are bound to be a lot of injuries in any type of survival situation.  Bandages and first aid kits are going to be needed badly so keep a large stockpile on hand.


Millions of people love their cup of Coffee in the morning.  A coffee can is also incredibly useful when it comes to survival. Making a can stove for example. You can barter luxury items like coffee in exchange for food and water.


Bleach is a great disinfectant for every day use.  It will defiantly be one of the first things people swipe from the shelves.  You can also use it to clean dirty water. We'd still recommend a filter for that though.



Ibuprofen is a really good anti-inflammatory. It will be sought after by a lot of survivors with injuries and those people who are wishing they had some coffee in the morning.

Fishing Supplies

When food is scarce, fishing is one of the best ways to put food on the table.  Having plenty of Fishing Supplies will ensure that you and your family will always have a way to eat.

What items will you be hoarding when SHTF?


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  • van cass on

    one other item worth ‘hoarding’ would be plastic tarp materials. it can be used to manufacture temporary shelter, solar stills, water-proof rain gear, and other necessary items. another really important item would be cordage.


    I love all your information. I am an instructor and always looking for vital information which is what you deliver. keep it going. I love it and I will give you the credit for ideas. I will pass along. howdy

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