Proof You Can Grow a Garden No Matter Where You Live

Some people think they don't have the space or means to grow a garden. That's a huge lie. You can grow your own food in so many ways, you don't even need a garden box. The excuses are gone. If you've been putting off trying to grow things, consider yourself inspired.

Shopping Bags

You dump the dirt in, add the plant and water. You can even use the straps to hang this from a hook so it's off the ground. This is really easy.

Soil Bags

This is crazy easy. You just cut open a rectangle shape out of the bag and add the seeds. We advise using a nail and poking a few holes in the bottom to allow drainage. Super easy.  You can lay these right on the ground or elevate them. Best thing is if you need to you and a friend can move them easily.

Tomato Cage and Soil Bag

This is just slightly different you cut off the top of the bag and insert your plant and then your tomato cage. You might need to prop the bag up against something. These might fall over if you don't in a high wind or even if they get wet.

You could easily have these on your balcony or on the side of your house.

Bottle Towers

Not sure what to do with all those Coke, Pepsi and Sprite containers? They make awesome bottle tower gardens.

You can have these outdoors or on the supports of your patio cover. Easy to make and to maintain. Now that we've given you some ideas- what are you going to grow?

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