10 Items I Would Have On Hand In A Survival Situation

Being prepared for a survival situation is a great idea for peace of mind.  It’s also very difficult because you never know when, where or what is going to happen.  Basically being prepared for a survival situation comes down to resourcefulness and ingenuity.  Here are some great ideas to help get you started on your own preparing agenda. 

Firearms & Ammunition


If you don’t know already how to shoot and handle a firearm safely you need to learn.  Not only can you hunt for food but you may just have to defend your life and or the lives of your family.  Mankind, like every animal on the planet, will resort to primitive instincts to survive when there is no law, government, or reason to care about anyone except their own survival.

Starting A Fire

Fire Starter

While you may think you got that covered with a box of matches or perhaps a stock pile of cigarette lighters, what are you going to do when they run out, get ruined, or looted. You need to know how to start a fire without those things. Here are some ways for you to accomplish starting a fire when you don’t have your standbys.


survival water filter

Water is another ‘must have’ resource we all need.  In a survival situation where are you going to find yours?  When you do find it, how will you know if it is safe to consume?  Fortunately, there are ways to make it safe and modern survival items you can purchase to filter your water.

Survival Knife

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 1.16.02 PM

There are literally hundreds of different makes, models, features, sizes, etc of knifes to choose from.  Be careful though of what you choose because the cheaper the knife the less durability it will have.  The last thing you want is the knife you depend on to break, bend, or just fail in a a survival situation.



Bandana’s are very versatile and necessary items to have in a survival situation.  They can be used in a first aid situation, strainer, cool down or heat compress, protection from the sun and many other uses.


panty hose

Pantyhose is another one of those versatile items that can help you in a survival situation.  The use of pantyhose while hiking will reduce the friction between your feet and socks reducing the likely hood of getting painful blisters.  Pantyhose can also be used to filter water and as a way to have an instant coffee or tea filter.

Tin Cans

tin cans

One of the most important uses for a tin can in a survival situation is that of a cooking pot or Rocket Oven.  The lid can also be fabricated into a preparing knife.  A tin can could also be used to trap small animals or signal for help by reflecting the sun light.



In a SHTF situation the last thing you will probably think of is personal hygiene.  However, it should become a priority once you're safe and have established your other needs.  You can make your own soap to keep you clean and it's not that hard. Plus you can use it to wash clothing too. That's a plus because having items that have multiple uses is both a space and time saver.

Essential Oils

essential oils

You need to invest in and learn how to use essential oils.  Medication is not going to be readily available but essential oils are something you can stock up on.  Learning how to properly use them can save you so much more than money. Plus a single bottle of oil can have many benefits. Tea Tree Oil for instance can not only help heal wounds but it can also serve as a great way to get the itch out of bug bites. It's also a great way to prevent dandruff and you can use it to cure an ear infection in a flash.

A Variety of Food Sources

Pantry prepped

Food is a tricky thing to prepare for an emergency and there are so many options on how to do it.  You can buy pre-made food that has been freeze dried or MRE’s.  Canning is also an option that will keep food safe and ready to eat for a long time. The best advice is to have a variety of options. I like to mix up my stockpile with canned food, dried foods, foods I have canned myself and even some MRE type options.

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