The 50 Survival Items That Will Disappear First

In a SHTF situation, such as an economic collapse, these items will go fast. These items are all going to be top of the :must find" items in people's minds as goods become scarce.  Some would consider these items as great items to barter with too.

Here's the top items that will be hard to find (provided by Walmart and Target employees)

empty shelves

1. Generators (Good ones can be expensive. It can be a target for thieves due to the noise).

2. Clean Water.

3. Water Filters/Purifiers.

4. Lamp Oil, Wicks, Lamps.

5. Coleman Fuel Canisters.

8. Charcoal and Lighter fluid.

9. Family Protection (guns, ammunition, pepper spray, knives).

10. Sweet foods like honey/sugar/syrups.

11. Dry goods like rice/beans/wheat.

12. Water containers (get more than one and in different sizes).

13. Propane Heaters and all accessories that go with it (extra propane, heads, etc).

14. Fishing accessories (line, hooks, bobbies, etc).

15. Lighting sources/short term and long term (think flashlights, hurricane lamps, etc).

18. OTC meds and creams.

19. Cooking stoves.

20. Thermal underwear (top and bottoms) for all sizes.

21. Tools (bow saw, axes, hatchets, wedges).

22. Aluminum Foil (heavy duty foil will be in very high demand).

23. Propane Cylinder Handle-Holder (Urgent: Small canister use is dangerous without this item).

24. Feminine Hygiene products (which also make great first aid hacks).

25. Gasoline and containers to put it in.

26. Garbage bags.

27. Toilet paper, paper towels.

28. Milk (canned, powdered and infant formula).

29. Seeds (non-hybrid).

30. Canned goods.

31. Fire Extinguishers and items to put out a fire like baking soda.

32. First Aid Kits.

39. Batteries (all sizes).

40. Spices, Vinegar and Baking Supplies, Yeast, Salt.

41. Dog Food/pet food.

42. Matches and other fire starters.

43. Ice chests.

44. Flash lights, torches, light sticks.

45. Cast iron cookware.

46. Duct Tape.

47. Shaving supplies (razors & creams, talc, after shave).

48. Mosquito coils/repellent, sprays/creams.

49. Candles.

50. Backpacks/Duffel Bags.

You can stockpile these items or use them to build up your personal bunker. Just remember that many things have an expiration date so they may need to be rotated.  You should also think about having a few extra so you have things to barter with.

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