Study Says Dirty Water Kills 1.6 People Every Year

The average human, can last a month or more without eating. When it comes to water however, you'd be lucky to make it past 5 days.  Your body is made up of 60% water and you will drink over 180 gallons per year an.  When you're consuming a resource in those quantities, it's easy to forget just how important clean water is. Dirty Water Kills

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Yep, you heard that right.

Over 1.6 million deaths each year can be attributed to dirty water in unsanitary conditions. That's a scary fact when the average American uses 100 gallons of drinkable water every single day. So let's take the topic of water sanitation very serious for a moment here. Water is the most abundant resource available on this planet, and people still die from drinking it. Your body needs clean, safe water to survive, so what are your plans, should clean water not be available?

Recent chemical spill, contaminating 3 million gallons of Colorado river.

Recent chemical spill, contaminating 3 million gallons of Colorado river.

It's happened many times in major cities where water sources have been found to be undrinkable. In most cases you could simply boil the water to make it safe to drink. There have however been times where not even boiling water made it acceptable to drink. If conditions were worse, and societal failure brought public water offline, finding clean water would be a chore, and down right terrifying.

Make Drinkable Water, Fast

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Boiling water can be the most effective way of sanitizing water. But it requires a large amount of heat and fuel. It also takes a fair amount of time and leaves you prone to detection. The supplies needed to boil large amounts of water can also be bulky and just unpractical in most survival situations.

Finding a natural water supply is your best bet, but even creek water that looks clean and pure has hidden killers, invisible to the naked eye. It's highly recommended you sanitize it for parasites Waterborne Bacteria, and algae. The main problem is that some parasites can survive the boiling process, which does no harm to them. 


So what is the absolute best way to get drinkable water, fast? Filtration is by far the most effective method. Water filtration technology has become so advanced, you can get purification that used to take a buildings worth of equipment in a single tube straw. When we created the Survival Water Filter we knew exactly how efficient it needed to be in order to replace the boiling water process.

  1. The Water Filter needed to be Portable and Lightweight - Our straw weighs two ounces.

  2. The Purifier needed to remove Waterborne Bacteria - We do this at  99.9999% efficiency.

  3. We needed it to outperform other filters - Our straw filters up to 396 gallons (30% more efficient than main stream personal filters.)

  4. It needed to be able to purify water with algae (.5 microns) - Our device filters at .1 microns which eliminates all algae. 

  5. We wanted something BPA Free - The Survival Water Filter is BPA Free, Chemical Free, and Chlorine Free

Whether you're going hiking for the weekend, or prepping your bug out bag, water filtration should be at the top of your list.

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