5 Ways to Make Tinder Fast

In a survival situation having the ability to create a fire is essential.  You may have already packed some matches or a lighter in your bug out bag but they will not work without the proper fuel and tinder.  Here are some ideas on how to find or create some tinder to make a fire in a survival situation. Some of these make great additions to your bug out kit too.

A Pencil Sharpener

Pencil Sharpener

Use a Pencil Sharpener to create tinder shavings from a pencil size stick.  This way you will have an limitless supply of tinder. Plus pencil sharpeners are crazy inexpensive. You can get three of them for a buck and they will easily fit in your kit.

Waterproof Emergency Fire Tinder Bundle 

Waterproof Tinder Bundle

Here is an easy-to-make Waterproof Tinder Bundle Tutorial.  These would be handy to use in an area where it rains a lot or is extremely cold. When you watch the video, you'll see just how easy these are to make. The fact that they are waterproof is even more of a reason to make some up.

Easy Tinder to Collect


If you spend enough time outdoors in any survival situation you will eventually run out of supplies.  Here is a way to make some great tinder when the cotton balls and emergency prepped tinder runs out.

Cotton Balls In Vasoline

cotton balls

Cotton Balls soaked with Petroleum Jelly are great for starting fires. The bonus is that not only will they last a long time when stored but they are great for starting fires in damp areas. This is because they burn extremely hot. You can either make them up and store them in a baggie or tin or you can purchase a pocket size jar and store it with cotton balls or small scraps of fabric.

Feather Stick

feathering a stick

The curls made from feathering a stick can be used for kindling in dry conditions. The trick is to use a stick that is both thick enough and not too dry. There are several different ways to accomplish a good feathered stick.  I prefer standing the stick on end and pushing down with my knife. Never try to curl a stick by pulling the knife towards you-that's an accident waiting to happen.

So which are you going to try?  Share your preps and pictures with us on Facebook now!

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