Budget Supplies You Will Need After a Natural Disaster

Recently we published a book called "Budget Supplies You Will Need After a Natural Disaster" which describes the various supplies you will need, as well as methods for securing supplies, in the event of a natural disaster or in a SHTF scenario. Since it’s a Kindle book, there’s currently no way to add high resolution color photos to accompany the descriptions, so we’ve added them here on our blog. Rather than spending additional money on specialist and often expensive survival foods, such as dehydrated and emergency supplies, buy canned foods and dry mixes, many of which can be bought cheaply and will last a minimum of two years. If you’re working to a tight budget, buy discounted food when you can.

1. Natural Disasters, SHTF, and Budget Supplies hurricane katrina

2. Food

SHTF food

3. Water

logo on filter 4

4. Medical Supplies and Emergency Equipment

first aid kit

5. Power

SHTF wind turbine

6. Other Useful Equipment

SHTF supplies

7. Security

SHTF glass wall If you want to learn more about how to prep your home or shelter in the event of a disaster or if SHTF, check out our prepping guide 'Budget Supplies You Will Need After a Natural Disaster' on sale by Amazon now.

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