The 7 Best Tree Tents

If you enjoy camping AND sleeping in hammocks, have you ever thought of combining the two? Tree tents allow you to sleep suspended among the trees, further away from insects and predators and closer to our immediate ancestor, the ape. Tree tents come in all shapes and sizes according to your needs, and they offer a exhilarating way to enjoy forest camping above ground. tree tents
1. [easyazon_link identifier="B0054MQ11Q" locale="US" tag="survivalhax-20"]HAMMOCK BLISS SKY TENT 2[/easyazon_link] Pro: Lightweight Con: Minimal protection Double Decker: This is about as basic as it gets when it comes to suspended tree tents. Meant to cover one or two hammocks, the Sky Tent is little more than an impressive rain fly made from ripstop nylon with a protective bag for your hammocks. It’s fairly large, measuring 138″ long x 73″ wide x 43″ high and has 2,100 holes per square inch to keep out skeeters and other biting monstrosities while also keeping the elements off of you. Secured at either end with 6mm, 770 lbs. test climbing rope, you’ll never need to worry about it breaking down. True YKK zippers secure the Sky Tent and guard you against theft by anyone that can’t work a zipper. tree tent 2. [easyazon_link identifier="B001C1UGZ0" locale="US" tag="survivalhax-20"]NUBE HAMMOCK SHELTER[/easyazon_link] Pro: Has special gear storage pouch Con: Not very large Low Hanging Fruit: The Nubé is another suspended tent meant to work with your existing camping hammock, but it gives you a lot more than you’d get from a tarp thrown over a branch. 40 ripstop nylon coated with double layers of silicone on top and bottom keep you and your gear completely dry. The basket portion is a No-Seeum polyester insect guard that resists fliers while giving enough ventilation to prevent sweltering during balmy summer nights. Included is a gear storage pouch made with 70 Denier ripstop with a 1200mm PU coating. The total size is 13 x 10 feet, which is built for one but big enough to bring along a buddy to spoon with. A bit over 2.5 lbs. it’s not a burden to stow in your hiking backpack for overnight trips. tree tent 3. [easyazon_link identifier="B00D23O05S" locale="US" tag="survivalhax-20"]CACOON DOUBLE[/easyazon_link] Pro: Easy to set up Con: Not good for sleeping Rest and Relax: Not every tent is made with sleeping in mind. With less than 6 feet of floor space at the largest size, only Santa’s little helpers will be able to make a nest out of the Cacoon. However, it is useful for hanging when you want a porch swing that can go anywhere for a little light reading or just hanging out – quite literally – deep in nature’s glory. Made with a cotton/polyester canvas, this fights off UV rays, rain, snow, and resists mold. The lower ring sections are all aluminum and break down well for easy carrying. Setup is as simple as snap, hang, and sit. tree tent 4. TENTSILE CONNECT Pro: Several doors for easy access Con: Minimal floor space 2 Seater: Get ready to get cozy with the Connect. Intended for 2 people, this is the most basic and affordable of the standard suspended tree tents made by the most respected manufacturer in the business. You’ve got a strong floor made with 240 Denier inclined joint nylon-polyester that has been pumped up and pimped out with 15+ meters of seatbelt webbing. Over the top is an insect resistant mesh complete with 190T PU coated waterproof polyester for keeping the wet away. Industrial grade ratchet straps hold the Connect aloft and can attach to just about anything. 4 doors offer plenty of entry and exit points. Weight maxes out around 500 lbs. or so. tree tents 5. TENTSILE STINGRAY 3 Pro: Built in standard tent style Con: Heavy Best Around: For a true camping experience that doesn’t deviate too much from what you already know and love, the Stingray 3 is the way to go. It’s a three person suspended tree tent made with a triple hammock interior attached to trees, trucks, or posts via ratchet straps for easy tension. Maximum weight is 880 lbs. when secured so go ahead and have another bratwurst. Ingress to the Stingray is done either through a standard tent door or via a center hole with ladder. The floor is 240 Denier polyester webbing reinforced with 20+ meters of seatbelt webbing that requires a tactical knife to cut through. A mesh top keeps you cool while fighting off bugs and a wide rain fly keeps you dry and warm. tree tent 6. AELPH OMEGA Pro: Spacious interior Con: Overpriced A Family Matter: 1 to 3 people can fit in most of the suspended tree tents we found, but what if your brood is a bit bigger? Then you’ll want the Aelph Omega. It measures at just under 9 feet by 9 feet by 9 feet for cramming in a whole heap of chitlins or a bunch of gear. Despite the spaciousness, it packs down to just 12 lbs. spread over separate packs for simpler carrying by multiple people. You choose the rain fly you want with each of Aelph’s pieces giving you silicon impregnated ripstop nylon to keep the weather entirely on the outside. Made to order with tough-as-nails ties and true domed tent poles for a taller interior, the only downfall is the cost. Solo adventurers should also consider the smaller, lighter Aelph Alpha. tree tent 7. COCOON TREE Pro: Meant for permanent or semi-permanent installation Con: Difficult to set up Above It All: Calling this a mere suspended tree tent is to deny what it is: A floating globe home. Made from a steel frame, even when it’s empty it weighs 130+ pounds so you won’t be packing it anywhere on your back. On the other hand, once it is erected, it is a full cottage-esque structure with a circular bed in the center and tons of room for gear or even standing straight up. Typically these are installed by a professional team trained by Cocoon Tree who will handle the complicated setup and ensure that you’ll never need to fret about falling to your death. DIY fanatics can put it up and take it down themselves with the included ropes and ties, but a solitary person is going to have a helluva time.

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