How To Protect Yourself Against An EMP

Essentially, EMP, also referred to as a transient electromagnetic disturbance, is a sudden burst of electromagnetic energy similar to a lightning strike that may occur from various energy sources, including radiation, an electrical or magnetic field, or conducted electricity.

Knowing how to protect yourself against EMP will be crucial if energy supplies become more insecure or if disturbance occurs following natural disasters, military conflict, or neglect to infrastructure. At the very least, EMPs could disrupt or damage electrical equipment, while at their most powerful, EMPs could destroy buildings, aircrafts, and other large structures. Over at Happy Preppers they've listed a useful 9 step plan for preparing for an EMP attack and widespread power grid failure:

How To Protect Yourself Against An EMP

#1. Go Analog. Think deeply about your needs in a world without digital. In part, this means you'll need to go analog: Analog radio. Above left is the hand crank solar powered AM/FM weather band analog radio. Analog thermometer. Digital thermometers useless! For around $5 you can secure temperature measurement with the glass analog, mercury-free thermometer. It's non toxic and mercury free, but works just like the traditional shake down glass analog thermometer and is as accurate as the toxic mercury thermometers. The geratherm mercury free oral thermometer for temperature measurement is a traditional shake down glass analog thermometer. Analog clock. An analog clock won't save your life, but it will get you back to thinking of your day in terms of routine. Time will still be of importance to preppers. Analog soil pH Meter. Get the soil prepared with fastest soil pH Meter. It's analog and requires no batteries.
#2. Think about fuel differently. Consider buying a generator. The time to buy a generator is before you need one, however, do you really need a generator? It depends on the climate in your area and your location. Are you in a rural area where no one will hear the generator? A generator will attract too much attention in a city during an EMP! You won't want to invite thugs and intruders. Then again, you don't want to invite hypothermia if you live in frigid climate. Do you have other means of keeping warm? A generator can be a welcome prep for preppers who plan well. Generator Learn how to store fuel. Have a backup plan to go beyond the fuel you can store, because eventually your supply will either expire or run out. Stockpiling wood and souring new may be the essential part of your plans! Don't be fooled to thinking that going solar is the answer. Going solar or using wind power are both admirable goals of any prepper, but an EMP is an overheating of microchips and components, which are present in solar equipment as well any electrical equipment. An EMP would disable solar panels because of the diodes they contain, which control the flow. In other words, your equipment will fry (unless you have them contained in a Faraday cage)! You will, however, be wise to have solar batteries and a solar battery recharger on hand for your small communication devices. Plan for an off-grid life to include solar power you've stored in a Faraday cage. Solar equipment should be securely stored in a Faraday cage. In the event of an EMP, your solar equipment otherwise will be fried. A solar cooker, will be extremely useful after an EMP. The luxury of taking a shower with a solar shower will boost morale. Get cranking! A hand crank radio and flashlight is a necessity. Left provides radio, light and recharge!
#3. Plan a strategy for your car (in case you are in it when an EMP strikes). There are 90 microprocessors in a typical car, which means it will likely fail. Here's what to do: Stockpile car essentials. Always bring food and water with you on your journey. Stash food and water at the entrance of your home, so you'll remember to bring it. Another good option is Datrex food bars and Emergency Drinking Water Pouches. They can withstand temperature fluctuations. A vehicle first aid kit is of paramount importance. Have an escape plan for your car: Keep a sturdy pair of shoes for every member of the family in the car case you must head home on foot. Have an escape vehicle for your vehicle (a fold-up bicycle). Consider buying a pre-1965 Mustang or Volkswagon. Classic vehicles might run if they have an old fashioned carburetor, so if you have the ambition to own a classic car and have spare parts for it, the go for it.
#4. Develop a family plan. Talk with the kids about an EMP scenario and discuss a realistic plan of action on where to meet and have a contingency plan if the first location is not available. Schools likely will not release children. Be sure to discuss your course of action and include the details in your personal survival manual. In advance of an EMP, your family should recognize the signs and take immediate action. Siblings in school could band together with an approved family plan of action, which may at one point include a secret evacuation from school officials. Every family plan is different, and depending on location, it may not be appropriate for children to wander the streets of chaos. Pack a letter with children on the approved plan of action, which would include meeting locations and alternatives. Children should know to reference the letter in the event of an emergency. Discuss medicines as part of your family plan. If you take medicines get extras now, while you can. Asthma, diabetes, heart disease... Whatever medications you require, you must stockpile as best you can. Unfortunately, those with diabetes will have a more difficult consequence as the shelf life is rather short. Have a plan to take care of your family's sanitation needs. Mitigate your fire risks. Plan to risk of fire: own several fire extinguishers...A fire blanket is another good prepper find.
#5. Make changes in your daily routine. Do things differently starting today. For example: Start now and try not to take the elevator (or you may risk being stuck). The stairs are healthier anyway! Escalators are fine. Avoid big cities, lest you get stuck there during the catastrophe! Buy a fold up bicycle for your car to bug out or get home.
#6. Read more about EMP. Get Fictional. Go to the movies. Read books on EMP prepping (fiction and non fiction).There's a long reading list of good books, including "EMP Survival: How to Prepare Now and Survive, When an Electromagnetic Pulse Destroys". Also, read "Solar Flare Survival". Solar Flare Survival discusses what scientists know about the Sun and how it affects our planet, and how it can wreak havoc on worldwide national power grids, spacecraft, and electronics. Get fictional: One Second After. One Second After, a book by has already been cited on the floor of Congress as a book all Americans should read, a book already being discussed in the corridors of the Pentagon as a truly realistic look at a weapon and its awesome power to destroy the entire United States, literally within one second. It is a weapon that the Wall Street Journal warns could shatter America. Jericho. Jericho, the television series, is a fictional account of how an electromagnetic pulse fries everything with a circuit board at 9:02 pm, plunging the town into darkness. Learn more about a Geo Magnetic Storm from Doomsday Prepper Captain Bill Simpson.
#7. Build a Faraday box or cage. [caption id="attachment_690" align="alignnone" width="1600"]Faraday Cage A basic Faraday box[/caption] Buy surge protectors if you don't already own them and consider building a Faraday Cage, box or other container, which aims at preventing the electromagnet pulse from destroying your electronic equipment. This shielding device will protect your communications essentials. A Faraday cage is shielding device intended to protect electronic equipment from an intense interruption of solar radiation. You won't currently find a Faraday cage available for sale on Amazon or eBay, but construction of plans is attainable however. Sooner or later all preppers want to learn how to build a Faraday cage. Perfect for a rainy day project, this is something to get started on before it's too late.
#8: Move to the West coast, away from all nuclear reactors. If the grid goes down, every working nuclear reactor is a time bomb: there will be no power to cool down the reactors! The United States has 100 commercial reactors, most of them concentrated on the East Coast. The West Coast is looking pretty good as a location. California has just one nuclear power plant operating, since the San Onofre power plant was shut down in 2013. Unfortunately, it lies in the center of California, in beautiful San Luis Obispo. This means you must prepare for radiation and warfare. A Nuclear blast produces three waves of pulses. Wind currents can carry fallout from a nuclear explosion for hundreds of miles if certain conditions prevail. If there are nuclear explosions, the threats toward humanity are much more severe than just the power grid. Get a Radiation Water Filter. The Flip-top Portable Radiological Radiation Water Filtration & Purification Bottle is a necessity if you live close to a nuclear reactor. Removes 100% of Gross Beta, Radium 226, Uranium, Cesium 137, Strontium, Plutonium, Radioactive Iodine B1, and Radon 222.
#9: Continue Prepping. Prepper's hope for the best and plan for the worst. Hope alone is not a strategy, which is why preppers must plan for food and water, despite the odds or circumstance. An EMP is perhaps the most horrible of all catastrophic conditions in which preppers face, and yet there is always hope as a cornerstone of survival. Do all your favorite prepper things: Farm at home! Become a home agrarian because only 2% of the population in America currently grows food. Tractors would not work in the event of an EMP, so the farms would not be able to produce. Even if they could produce food, trucks would not be able to deliver. Stock survival seeds and equipment to grow food and sustain livestock. Gather water. Set up rain harvesting systems to maintain the water supply. (Water may pump for up to a hundred days, but eventually the remaining water systems will become contaminated.)

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