The Survival Water Filter, Portable Filtration Campers and Hikers Take Everywhere

It really doesn't matter if you're a hardcore prepper, a weekend camper, or a avid hiker, one thing is certain - you know how important your water supply is. And a lot of us have been in a pinch where it was either drink muddy water, or face the consequences. The Survival Water Filter aims to resolve that issue. Survivalists who take pride in their bug out bags, and hikers who are always trying to shave weight from their gear love this thing for a few reasons.
  • It weighs less than 2 ounces.
  • It's only 9 inches long.
  • It can filter up to 396 gallons or 1500 liters of water. That's 30% more than LifeStraw.

P5 Furthermore it filters at .01 microns and removes 99.9999% of all Waterborne Bacteria. activated_carbon Most people will look at you funny when you ask them if you've got a back up water purifier for their big trip.  Now you can chuckle and show them one that weighs less than a smart phone. If you plan on spending time in the wilderness this summer, a portable water filter is the best investment you can make under 20 bucks.

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Survival Water Filter in out water

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