Why Bicycles Are A Smart Choice When SHTF

Bicycles are a smart choice when SHTF because they provide a convenient and stealthy means of transportation and can be easily modified to generate power or to travel at a greater speed.

According to the natural health news and self-reliance website, Natural News, the bicycle is the ultimate self-sufficiency device.

When you consider that gasoline can only be stored for a few years at the most and that there likely won't be any gas stations open after a societal collapse, the lowly bicycle becomes more and more attractive as a survival transportation solution.
Bicycles are easily repaired and maintained, requiring only a few tools and a bit of technical knowledge along with some spare tires, chains, chain grease and oil to keep them functioning properly.
Bicycles can be converted to drive all sorts of machinery in situations when there is no electricity available from the grid. In fact, bicycles can be used to generate your own electricity. With the new, longer-term storage capacity battery technology now emerging, it is conceivable that pedal power could could supply all of the electricity you will ever really need when the SHTF.

Perhaps you've got an old bike in the garage that can be kitted out in case of a SHTF scenario?


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    Where do I get a bike like that

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