L.A. Mayor on ‘SAN ANDREAS’ Says California Need Gut Check

The upcoming movie 'San Andreas' featuring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson gives us Hollywood's portrayal of what would happen if a Mega Quake hit the San Andreas fault. Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti says we should take this movie as a gut check.
Garcetti attended Tuesday night’s premiere at Hollywood’s TCL Chinese Theater with famed U.S. Geological Survey seismologist and “earthquake lady” Lucy Jones, L.A. fire chief Ralph Terrazas, and a number of city firefighters, according to Variety. “I hope this movie can be a gut check and a visceral reminder to people of the danger from quakes,” Garcetti said. “But then that people will also do a head check about how they can really be prepared…to react by looking at some good research and using their heads about the dangers we really face.”
Do you think this movie will wake people up?

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