How to Create Basic Weapons For Hunting, Fishing, And Self Defense

Recently we published a book called 'How to Create Basic Weapons For Hunting, Fishing, And Self Defense,"which describes eight weapons you can make easily and inexpensively at home. Since it’s a Kindle book, there’s currently no way to add high resolution color photos to accompany the weapon descriptions, so we’ve added them here on our blog.

1. Survival Knife survival-bushcraft-tanto-fusion-blade-1   rasp

2. Bamboo Fishing Rod

arundinaria-fargesii-canearbor (1)  3.Quickie Bow and Arrow make-a-bow-and-arrowwooden-arrow-headwooden-arrow-tail

4. Kubotan/Pocket Stick kubotanbox stitch


5. PVC Blowgun And Darts

PVC_Pipe_for_Water_Supply IMG_1671


6. Apache Throwing Star

Apache throwing stick apche2

7. Slingshot

homemadeslingshot Latext-Tubing

8. Split Tip Small Game Gig gig-splitting-into-quarters lashing-step-2 

If you want to learn more about how to construct your own weapons to hunt and fish for food, and for self defense, check out our survival guide using the link above.

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