How to Survive By Eating Insects (10 Edible Insects)

Recently we published a book called How to Survive By Eating Insects and Learning Entomophagy which describes various edible insects found across the U.S, including where to find them and how to prepare them for eating. Since it's a Kindle book, there's currently no way to add high resolution color photos to accompany the insect descriptions, so we've added them here on our blog. All together, there are 10 different edible insects in the book. Scroll down to see what they look like.

How to Survive By Eating Insects And Learning Entomophagy

1. Short-Horned Grasshopper

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2. Honeypot Ant


3. Formoson Termite



4. June Bug


5. Eastern Tent Caterpillar


6. Mealworm


7. Honeybee Larvae


8. Tibicen Cicada


9. European Earthworm


10. Giant Redheaded Centipede


If you want to learn more about how to identify, collect, and eat these insects, check out our Survival Guide on Entomophagy using the link above.


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