How To Make a Slingshot

Knowing how to make a slingshot is important.  If you're out of ammo, and not near a place to fish, you may need to rely on one of these to bring down small game. You'll need the following:
  • A dried y-forked stick. If you don’t have any dried sticks available.  Check for rotting, cracks and imperfections in the wood, since you don’t want your slingshot to snap when you shoot it
  • Flexible tubing. This is the string that you pull back and snap to sling your ammunition forward. 3/16″ Surgical tubing is a popular choice since it’s easy to find, reasonably durable, and cheap to stockpile if you want to make repairs during a survival situation.
  • A piece of leather or stiff cloth. This will form the cradle that your ammunition will sit in before you fire. It needs to be flexible and supple, but tough enough to withstand the strain when you pull on it.
  • Waxed dental floss. This will be used to secure your tubing to the y-fork.
  • A knife to make cuts in the wood, leather, and tubing. A simple pocketknife will suffice here. - Prepared for That   

How To Make a Slingshot

Step 1:
The Frame “Dogwood, hickory, and oak are the best,” Parker says. “Don't look for the perfect Y-shaped fork. If you'll hold the slingshot in your left hand, you want a fork where the main branch crooks to the left at 30 degrees, and a fork that goes off to the right at a 45-degree angle. Cut the frame and let it dry for three weeks.” - Field and Stream
Step 2: Dry Wood make a slingshot 2
Branches that have just been cut from trees will have a lot of moisture in them which gives them a bit of flexibility. That’s not good for a slingshot frame. We want something that won’t bend while you’re pulling back on the bands. So we need to suck all that moisture out of the wood. - Art of Manliness
Step 3: Carve Notches make a slingshot 3
With your wood dry, we can now carve the notches where our bands will go. Create one notch on each of your fork’s “prongs” at roughly the same height.
Step 4: Cut Tubing and Attach to Fork make a slingshot 4
Eyeball how long you want your tubing to be. Remember, the shorter it is, the more oomph you’ll have in your shots. If the bands are too short, though, you won’t be able to pull them back. Once you have your length, double the band and cut it in half into two equal length pieces like so. Wrap one end of the tubing around your notch so that it doubles back on itself like in the photo. Tie the end of the tube to the rest of the tube with some dental floss. Wrap the dental floss as tight as you can, tie it off, and cut off any long ends. Repeat on the other side.
Step 5: Attach Ammunition Cradle make a slingshot 5
Taking the piece of leather, punch two holes in it with your knife large enough to put the tubing through and tie it off. - Prepared For That
You're all set. Take some practice shots to perfect your aim before you go looking for dinner.

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  • MArissa Garcia on

    I have a suggestion for another diy slingshot.
    I did not make the vid, but this is basically the same idea as the one i was taught to make. BUT instead of using a baloon for mine , i cut 3 tips off of a rubber glove and this manes it much more durable/ powerfull. :)

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