What Is a Survival Grenade?

Picture this. You're hiking up the ridge of an overhang. You've got your pack filled with food, water, and supplies to last a week. You then lose your footing and your pack slips off, plummeting over the cliff and into the white water rapids below. How do you survive? Two words; Survival Grenade What exactly is the Survival Grenade and what does it contain?
  • This little guy can be worn on your belt
  • Waterproofed for durability
  • Designed by a Marine Scout Sniper
items list When it comes to basic survival, this is one item that should not leave your belt.
Fishing Line - Enough line for a makeshift fishing pole. Fishing Hooks - A set of hooks that can be tied to the swivels. Swivels - Tie two or more hooks to your line using the swivels. Sinkers - Get that worm or grasshopper to sink. Floaters - Watch those floaters, your meal is on its way. Fire Rod - Magnesium rod can be struck with eye knife to create a spark. Cotton Tinder - Scrape some of your fire rod into the cotton tinder for a quick flame. Eye Knife - Use the knife to cut fishing line, gut your fish, or strike the fire rod to make a spark. Carabiner - Hang your fish, wet clothes, or attach it to your water filter.

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