How To Make A Log Raft

There are many reasons why a person may need a raft. Outside of recreational uses, you may need to cross a large body of water, or get to deeper fishing waters in order to catch a good meal.  Are a few tip on creating a log raft when you don't have a lot of resources. This is how to make a log raft 101. Step 1: Log Gathering. Use the lightest would you can find, and get around 8 of them. Make sure they're between 8 and 12 feet long and about 10 to 12 inches in diameter. Two of these logs should only be 6 inches in diameter. They should be long enough to lay across your raft and stick out by 6 inches or so on each end.
Gather your logs and bring them to the river or lake side. Line logs up on shore or partially in water if you are making a full sized raft. One log can be moved easily but a lot of them lashed together will be much harder. Larger rafts may need more then two connector logs.
- Raft Plan log raft 1 Step 2: Clove Hitch Connector
Position the outside log and the connector log. Tie a clove hitch around the end of the cross support.
log raft 2 Step 3:
Wrap the rope around the bottom of the log two times each way with a cross in the middle. Pull the rope as tight as you can as you go.
log raft 8 log raft 7 Step 4:
Make a final wrap around the middle wraps to tighten the ropes more. Then after pulling tight do a overhand knot around the connector log (Overhand knot is the first knot you make when tying a shoe). Repeat this process on the other end with the other cross support.
log raft 6 Step 5:
Push the next log into position for your log raft and wrap the rope under it and then over the connector. Unless your raft needs extra support the cross is not necessary on this step. Again wrap the rope in between the logs to tighten up the lashing.
log raft 5 Step 6:
Continue to tie logs onto both ends. Continue to do half hitches after each log.
log raft 4 Step 7:
When all the logs are in place finish off the last log the same way that you started with the first log by crossing the log and doing a clove hitch on the top connector log.
log raft 3

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