How To Make a Fishing Spear

If you're out in the woods with nothing more than a survival knife, acquiring food might be tricky. Prep for shtf has a great step by step guide on exactly How to Make a Primitive Hunting/Fishing Spear.
In order to make it you are going to need a long straight sapling, the diameter that you use will depend on the size of the fish or game you are going after. I am making this one bigger for demonstration purposes it’s about 1 1/2 inches. You are also going to want to use green wood for this, anything dried will likely break when you go to split it. Once you have your sapling take about 4 arms lengths of cordage and make a loop on one end about 2 inches long. I’m using jute twine.
fishing spear directions 1
Next place the loop about 15-18 inches down on the end of the sapling that you are going to split like the picture below.
fishing spear directions
Now start to wrap the cordage over the loop as tight as possible. When you have about an inch and a half wrapped, pass the cord through the loop and the pull the bottom end of the loop, this should keep it tight enough for now.
fishing spear directions 3
The reason we are wrapping cord around the sapling is to prevent the wood from splitting further than we need it to. Leave the remaining cordage you will need it to finish wrapping it later. Next take your knife and split the sapling down the middle, being careful to keep it in the center. Split it down to about an inch above the cordage you just wrapped. You can use a large stick to drive your knife down the sapling by hitting the top of the blade.
fishing spear directions 4 fishing spear directions 5
Now take the remaining cordage and lash the twigs securely into place. You can now trim the twigs with a knife or use your multi tool saw.
fishing spear directions 7 fishing spear directions 10 Your fishing spear is almost finished. Time to put that knife back into action.
Now sharpen each prong with your knife.
fishing spear directions 11
When you are finished it should look like this.
fishing spear directions 13 Also check out who inspired the original guide.

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