Massive Power Outage Blackouts Hit Entire Country of Turkey

At 10:36 a.m. a massive power outage hit the cities of Istanbul and Ankara, bringing the grid to a stand still.
Scores of provinces in Turkey suffered a massive power cut on March 31 for an unknown reason, bringing to a halt mass transportation, hospitals and production for several hours. Officials told daily Hürriyet that a technical problem in the system of the Turkish Electricity Conduction Company (TEİAŞ), which operates energy transmission lines, led to the massive outage. Doğan News Agency reported that almost all 81 provinces were affected by the cuts, except for the eastern province of Van, which imports electricity from neighboring Iran.
Production in some sectors has stopped completely.
Textile factories in the Aegean province of Denizli also stopped production as employees were sent home due to the energy shortage.
While there is no route cause, redditor PoachTWC had the following information.
This is what's called a 'Black Start' situation: one in which the majority of the country is without power. Turkey will have a black start plan in place that will involve staged re-starts, perhaps by drawing power from neighbouring nations in order to restart their own power plants, or some of their own power plants will have self-starting capability and they'll then feed other plants to get them started too. Losing a whole country is exceptionally difficult to do, but not impossible. For it to have been terrorists it would need to have been one of the best coordinated cyber-attacks seen in some time, as they'd need to hack into enough power stations to cause the entire grid to fall apart. In a country of 75 million that's a fuckton of power stations, or maybe Turkey's grid control network got hacked and they sent all sorts of commands out that weren't noticed to be ridiculous on time. (eg, if some huge 24/7 power station got ordered to turn off out of the blue you'd think they might ask why). If I were to guess at this stage, I'd propose that a major power station in Turkey dropped off the Grid suddenly for one reason or another. This would cause a very rapid change on the Turkish HV network, with the load-generation balance changing and, as a result, power flows and frequency changing rapidly. That could cause a chain reaction that, once started, knocked out most of the country. In the UK we almost went dark in 2008 because we lost two major power stations within 5 minutes of each other totally by coincidence, causing potentially fatal frequency drops because the initial drop in frequency kicked off a chain reaction of smaller generators shutting off to protect themselves (the doctrine at the time being "if it's all going to shit, save yourself and we'll mop up once things are settled"). We saved the situation by a combination shutting down parts of the Grid in an effort to save most of it, and emergency start-ups of every generating unit we could get hold of, which worked. Something like that might have hit Turkey, but they may not have been able to stage controlled shutdowns of sections or summon reserve generation fast enough to preserve the majority of the network.

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