Preparing For A Volcano

VOLCANOES can destroy land and cities -- even several miles away. If you have any volcano threat in your region, whether from an active volcano or sleeping volcano, take the time to learn what it takes to survive, should a sudden volcano eruption take place. Volcanoes can erupt unexpectedly, giving you little time to evacuate. Very few natural wonders inspire as much awe and fear as the workings of a volcano. Stanley Williams, a vulcanologist (volcano expert) who led an ill-fated scientific party into the mouth of an Arizona volcano shortly before its eruption a few years ago, co-wrote with ghost writer Fen Montaigne in the preface to their recent book, 'Surviving Galeras':
My fascination with volcanoes, now a quarter century old, taps into something universal and timeless. As they watched fountains of lava spew from Mount Etna in Italy or Popocatépetl in Mexico, the ancients believed they were witnessing a phenomenon linked to the origins of the universe. The flames and magma gushing from a volcano came from a place as mysterious as the heavens above. Small wonder that the Mayas, Aztecs, and Incas tossed virgins into the mouth of this beast; it was capable of destroying villages, towns, entire civilizations in an instant. Human sacrifice, they believed, would placate the monster.
How to Survive a Volcano. - secretsofsurvival Know your community's warning system warning system
If you live near a volcano, your community likely has a plan in place to warn people that the volcano may erupt. In many cases sirens are used to alert people that danger is eminent. Local radio stations will also broadcast important advisories. Since each region is a little different, it's important to know the specific warning procedures in your area.[1] As soon as you hear a siren, turn on the radio to find out what the local emergency management agency advises. You may be told to stay indoors, keep away from certain areas, or, in extreme cases, evacuate. If you don't live in the area, and you're just traveling through, you should still be familiar with the region's warning system so you'll know what it means when you hear it. - wikihow
Take the high road
APTOPIX Iceland Volcano "If you are caught in a major eruption anywhere within 10km of the summit, keep to high ground and away from valleys and canyons. If the eruption generates deadly mud-flows or lethal surges of burning ash and gas, they will travel down valleys and spread out across low ground." -
Driving [caption id="attachment_105" align="alignnone" width="634"]volcano ash vehicles volcano ash vehicles[/caption]
Ash can damage engines and metal parts, so avoid driving. If you must drive, stay below 35 miles (56 kilometers) an hour. - nationalgeographic

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