5 Tarp Shelters for Camping and Survival

If you need to make a survival shelter and only have a tarp, there are a few survival hacks you can do using only paracord and your tarp that will make your night more comfortable.

Here are 5 tarp shelters you can make for camping and survival

First you need to Create a Ridgeline

Before you even touch your tarp, you need to make a solid ridgeline.  You'll need to find two trees, and have your paracord ready.

You will need to make sure your ridgeline is low enough so the wind is minimal but high enough so you can fit inside comfortably.

1. Stealth Tarp Shelter

This shelter is nice and stable and gives you a low profile if you don't want to be seen. Unfortunately, it's too small to even sit up in.

2. Tipi-Tarp Shelter

While the Tipi shelter gives you more head room to sit up in, it won't be as stable in strong winds. You will also have to sacrifice leg room with this style.

3. A-Frame Shelter

The classic A-Frame shelter has a lot of headroom and can be put up in a few minutes. It's also the perfect design for heavy rain and can sleep more than one person. Unfortunately, you lose your ground sheet, and we know how important insulation is.

4. The Plow Point Shelter

This shelter is the most commonly used among those who practice bushcraft. If you're running short on time it's perfect.  Also very spacious inside, but it doesn't offer much protection from the elements.  

5. The Tarp Tent

The tarp tent is the sexiest shelter on this list because just look at it.  This is also the only one on the list that doesn't require a ridgeline. The bad news is you lose room inside using a pole, and it takes the longest out of all the shelters to put up. 

Check out the video for step by step setup instructions

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