5 Survival Knife Hacks To Keep Your Blades Like New

If you're a knife person then you know it can take some maintenance to keep them looking good and performing at their best. But if you find yourself in a situation where you don't have the proper tools to sharpen or store your blades, you'll definitely appreciate these tips.

Here are 5 Knife Hacks To Keep Your Blades Like New

1. Coffee Cup Sharpener

Did you lose your whetstone? Worry not. Most coffee cups are ceramic on the bottom and you can use that as a way to sharpen a dull blade.

2. Slippery Handle Hack

If your knife handle is slippery, it can be dangerous. Especially when you're working and your hands start to sweat. If this is happening to your knife you can use rubber bands, ranger bands, or bike tubes to give your knife handle a good grip.

3. Straw Knife Cover

A good blade should be protected when it's not in use.  If you lose your knife cover or sheath, try cutting a straw in half. The plastic will wrap around the edge keeping it safe from getting dinged up.

4. Knuts and Bolts Knife Sharpener 


No whetstone? No coffee mug? No problem. Grab those nuts and bolts you have laying around and create your own sharpener. Screw two nuts on a bolt and slide your knife between them until your edge is back. You may have to adjust them to fit the thickness of your blade.

5. Magnetic Knife Holder

Should you feel the need to hang your knife so it doesn't get scuffed up, you can do so with a couple of magnets and a strong adhesive. Just glue the magnets to the wall, let them dry, then place your knife so the magnet is toward the center base of your knife.

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