5 Survival Hacks You Should Know

The best "Survival Hacks" are tips that could actually save your life, or at the very least be extremely useful.

BuzzFeed came up with a pretty good list, so I thought I would share.  We have covered all of these except for the condom fire starter (tip: any balloon will work.)

For the following survival hacks to work you'll need a few basic items that you probably have laying around.

Crayon Candle

This is probably the easiest one.

Just break off the back of the crayon and light it on fire. You'll have a flame that lasts longer than a box of matches.

Soda Can Fishhook

No fishing kit? No problem. Cut out a piece of a soda top cap.  Go for the larger of the two holes and remove as much metal as you can.  

Then file your cap into a sharp point so that if a fish does take the bait, you'll be able to snag them.

Condom Fire Starter

A condom or balloon can be used as a fire starter if you fill it up with water first.

Once you've filled the condom with water, tie it off, and shine line through it.  You may need to practice as if you were using a magnifying glass.

Survival Water Filter

If you're in a situation where you need to filter dirty water, and you DON'T have our water filter straw, don't worry - you can make your own purifier.

- First cut a 2-liter bottle in half.

- Cut a small hole into the bottom.

- Slide a straw or piece of cloth in the hole.

Portable Survival Stove

So you want to cook up some food but you don't have a stove?  Here's what you'll need to make your own.

- An empty can

- Candle

- Some small pieces of cardboard

First you'll want to put the cardboard upright inside the can.

Then melt the wax into the can and light the cardboard.

 Do you know these DIY survival hacks? 

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