5 Reasons To Add Disaster Preparedness to Your New Year's Resolution

This year was one for the record books, from political election results that took the world by storm to actual storms that shook spots across the globe. The year began with winter storm Jonas, also known as "The Storm of the Century," which brought a record amount of snowfall to the Northeast. But 2016 may well be known as the year of the earthquake, as areas around the world trembled from seismic activity. Reflecting off these storms is as good a reason as any to rethink those New Year's Resolutions. 

Below are our top 5 reasons for adding disaster preparedness to your New Year’s resolutions. How will you become more disaster prepared in 2017?

5. Community, local government and disaster relief organizations often are unable to get to everyone quickly.  This became very evident during Louisiana Flooding. City police and fire departments quickly became inundated in the relief effort, and did not have the equipment or resources necessary to help many families trapped in their homes amidst rising floodwaters. Furthermore, relief organizations sometimes need to focus their efforts elsewhere in an emergency. Therefore, preparing for at least 3-5 days of survival can mean the difference between thriving or eating out of a dumpster.

4. Being prepared can help reduce fear or anxiety about unexpected disaster. If you live in an area affected by natural disasters, planning and taking appropriate measures to secure your house and emergency needs can reduce these fears. To ease your nerves, start small. Secure items that can shake loose if you live in an earthquake prone area. Or, begin flood proofing your home by relocating valuables to higher floors. As the year progresses, more preparedness measures should be underway.

3. You and your family can become self-reliant in an emergency situation, and care for your own basic needs. Families can and should prepare to become self-sufficient for at least three days in a disaster (the average number of days before rescue). This includes having access to the means to provide shelter, warmth, first aid, emergency food, water, and sanitation, and protection in an emergency.

2. You can help others. Preparing your own family early this year can mean more opportunities to secure additional emergency items for others in need.

1. You can reduce the risk of losing a loved one, a family pet, and valuable possessions. Keeping your loved ones safe from harm is the leading reason disaster preparedness is essential in 2017. Check out our other disaster preparedness posts to ensure your family, pets and valuables stay safe in a survival situation. Share the information with your family, and teach your children what to expect and how to respond in an emergency.


Sources: Disaster Preparedness

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