5 Facts To Know About Flooded Roads

The Weather Channel has reported that hurricanes hitting the coast this year will be considerably stronger due to the warm waters around the coastline fueling the storm.

This means there will be more "pooling" of water and the submerged roadways we saw last week could be the norm for the rest of the storms to come.

Here are 5 Facts To Know Should You Find Yourself On a Flooded Road

1. Driving in 6 inches of water

Six inches of water is enough to cause loss of control in most vehicles. In lower vehicles like coupes or sports cars, that's enough to cause stalling.

Cars should stay home but trucks and SUVs can still get around.

2. One foot of road water

In 12 inches of water, a full sized car will float.  Anything less than a pickup or SUV will become useless on a road with this much water.

Average pickups and SUVs start to have issues. Lifted vehicles are your best bet of making it through.

3. Two feet of water

In 24 inches of water, even pickup trucks and SUVs will start to float. Even lifted trucks will have a hard time without a lifted air intake and snorkel exhaust.

Unless you've got a truck like this, don't try driving.

4. Walking in 6 inches of water

Walking in 6 inches of flooding is not like stepping out into a still pond.  Just a few inches of moving water is enough to knock you off your feet.

If your car breaks down, get off the road and to a higher elevation.

5. If you car becomes submerged

If there is so much water that you can't open your door, roll down your window and crawl out. If your windows are jammed use a glassbreaker to break the window. If you don't have a Tactical Pen or Kubotan, put something sharp and hard in your emergency roadside kit for this situation.

Check out last week's survival hacks.


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