5 DIY Tin Can Survival Hacks

You can do a lot of things with those tin cans sitting in the trash. Survival is all about utilizing what you have to stay alive.

In a perfect world you'll have your bug out bag with you all the time, but it's always good to have bushcraft or DIY skills.

Here are 5 Survival Hacks You Can Do With Tin Cans

Hand Shovel

No e-Tool? No problem. Make two cuts down the middle of your can and pull the aluminum apart.

This will give you a scoop for digging small potty holes or smothering a fire.

Signalling Mirror

Signalling mirrors use the sun's reflection create a powerful beam of light.

In an emergency situation, the light can get someone's attention and the surface doesn't have to be very large. 

Simply punch a hole in the center of the lid and polish the surface so you get a good reflection.

We recently added a mirror to our water filter straw for this purpose.

Small Bucket

You can easily punch a couple of holes into a can and string some paracord through to make a bucket. 

In this example he used a coat hanger for the handle.

Intruder Fence

Using the same method as the bucket, punch two holes into as many cans as you will be using for your fence.

String them together and add rocks or metallic objects that will clank.

The fence will make a lot of noise when an animal or person kicks against it.

Candle Lantern 

You can get a lot of light from a Tealight candle. 

Use a cutting tool or knife, remove a square chunk from the middle of your can.

Then add a handle like you did for the bucket and replace the lid. It won't be 1000 lumens bright but it will light a small room.

Check out last week's survival hacks.

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  • Debbie Lighter on

    Arrow tips, cutting edge tool are possible too.

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