4 Reasons To Have a Full Tang Scuba Knife

Scuba Diving Knives are generally Full Tang knives that are small, can strap to your ankle, and can quickly cut tangled fishing line.

Full Tang is the same as saying "fixed blade." In a survival situation, you may not have two hands free to open your knife, so it's perfect for those times that you can't free your hand.

Here are 4 reasons why a Scuba Knife is awesome

1.  Easy Access

Strap this knife to your ankle or your arm for quick and easy access. Perfect for situations when you're trying to cut some tangled fishing line or when you need to cut something under water.

2. Cut up kindling with a serrated edge

The partially serrated blade makes quick work of kindling. 

The flip side of the blade also has a bottle opener, because fishing isn't the same without a beer in your hand.

3. Free Sharpening Stone

Keeping your blade razor sharp is important. We've added a whetstone to the sheath of this blade so you can keep your knife extremely sharp.

4. Awesome Stocking Stuffer

Get your family stocking stuffers that they can actually use for survival. This fixed blade full tang knife is a great gift for anyone who likes the outdoors or fishing.  The best part? It's only $12.99.

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