3 Ways To Remove a Fish Hook From Your Skin

Getting a fish hook buried in your arm or hand is no picnic, but chances are it has happened to you or will happen to you someday.

That's why today we'll show you:

Three different ways to remove a fish hook from your skin.

Warning: This might be gruesome to a few of you.

Method 1: Push the hook thru

You'll need a pair of needle nose pliers or side cutters if you can't pull the hook through with your hand.  Once it's through, you can clip off the barb with your side cutters. If you don't have a cutter that can handle a fish hook, just smash the barbs back down and pull the hook back through your arm.

Method 2: Brute Force

This method is for smaller hooks and it isn't pretty.  You're going to need to get a really good grip on your pliers and grab as much hook as possible.  Then give it a hard tug and try not to scream like a girl.

Method 3: String Pull

This is the most painful method if you don't do it correctly, and it requires a friend to hold the base of the hook to your arm once you've looped a piece of string to it.  Once you both have a good grip, yank the string.  The downward pressure SHOULD allow the hook to disengage, but as you can see, it doesn't work every time.


Getting a fish hook stuck in your skin can be excruciating but if you keep your head, and remember these steps, you should be OK.


Fishing Pliers for pulling the hooks

First Aid Kit for patching the skin back up


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  • bill wrenn on

    If I am “power or release fishing” I file the barb off.

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